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Implant Distortion with rash and swollen lymph node

I am 40 years old and have had saline implants for nearly 5 years.  I have had a swollen lymph node under my right axilla for a year. In the last 2 or 3 months I have gotten 5 very red rashes on my right breast and under the breast. The rash goes away within a few hours.  I have had an annoying cough for the past year or so too that never seems to clear.  I have occassional stabbing pains and electric shock feeling pains in the right breast.  My right implant severly pushes out ot one side with the slightest flexion. While doing yoga yesterday I got severe pain in the breast. I don't currently have swelling, nipple discharge or anything. I have had a CT scan of my chest but it didn't show anything in chest or breast but it is my understanding that an MRI or biopsy is needed to see more. I see a breast specialist ARNP tomorrow in Seattle to check for IBC or capsular contracture. Any thoughts?
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Some of your symptoms I think are concerning and no doubt distressing for you as you have already pointed out.
My instinct is towards the implant having ruptured.  There has been a lot of information in the media recently about supposedly healthy implants containing all sorts of toxic materials and waste products.  A lot of women have been left severely sick due to them.

I honestly don't know.  I hope it isn't cancer or anythng to do with leaky implants.

Good luck for your appointment.
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