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Indistict hypoechoic nodular

Has anybody ever had one of these come back benign? It is 0.8 x 0.6 x 0.5cm. There is another one right next to it but it was 1.3 smooth marginated oval homogeneous hypochoic and solid.  

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about this. :)
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I'm sure any number of biopsies for solid, smooth lumps have come back negative for cancer. Could be another type of breast tumor that has nothing to do with cancer. With such a brief description (only the size) it's impossible to even guess what yours might show. Hopefully you will receive good results from your biopsy which I presume has been advised or already done.    Regards ....
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See subject line for description.
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Sorry about the delay in getting back to you .... I actually did answer but the site was down for maint. shortly after and evidently it didn't post.
Yes, I saw that but that doesn't give much of a description that would give a clue as to what the lump might possibly indicate. I was thinking more along the lines of what was stated in the report such as the impression, BIRADS number and characteristics  The only information there is that fewer echos are present which is usual for any solid finding. Certainly all solid masses, tumors or nodules are not malignant. I'm not clear as to whether you have actually had a biopsy or if one was recommended. If so please let us know when you receive your results; best wishes for a negative biopsy ...  Regards
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It was 4 - suspicious
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