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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

I have found a small, but possibly growing, spot on the left areola, almost in the nipple.  It is very itchy, like a mesquito bite (that "ahhh feeling" when scratching is the same).  It has been there for a few months, so it is now obvious it is not an insect bite.  I also have a dark thick patch of skin, raised surface, approx 2 inches by ½ inches in size, on the underside of this same left breast.  I can't determine if it is similar to "orange peel".  The first cause of my concern:  the itchy spot on the areola crusts over and if the "scab" or crust is removed it is runny looking beneath it.  My second cause of concern:  my first cousin on my father's side of the family, same age as me, went through a terrifying bout of Inflammatory Breast Cancer two years ago.  I am very healthy and tend to brush aside many things and have been fortunate in the past.  Somehow I feel I should at least ask your opinion before going to my doctor... who I would have trouble recognizing outside his office... I go so very seldom.... it's been 1½ years since I last saw him.  What do you think, should I bother with it, or am I reacting to fears brought on by my cousin's experience?  Just for additional info, I have a dime-sized hemangeoma (spelling?) beneath my other breast.
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If this problem has been present for a few months I can't quite see why you would be so concerned now. I would suggest that you see your Dr. for a clinical breast exam and any other testing that might be appropriate. It's impossible to advise more than that without benefit of examination over the internet. inflammatory breast cancer presents with a red swollen breast as a rule. You might even consider consulting a Dermatologist for these skin problems that you mention. You don't state your age so I don't know if you should be receiving routine mammograms but anything new or different involving the breast should certainly be ck.d out by your Physician.    Regards .....
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I would get this checked out by a doctor for sure, but it doesn't really sound like IBC to me. Kat  
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if it were IBC you would see rapid changes in the size of the breast and swelling, etc...  should definitely see a dr. but I wouldn't worry too much about IBC
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