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Information Requested Re: Male 48 year old lump and pain

I am a mail 48 years old. I first noticed a pain in my left nipple one month ago. It feels like there is rubber band tied between the inside of my left nipple and my rib that is stretched. It doesn't hurt all the time, but when it does, it stings intensely. Narcotic pain relievers have done very little to stop that pain even though they help my back quite a bit. I don't know if that means the pain in my chest area is much worse or if the pain killers just don't work as well for some types of pain.
I went to the doctor and an standard xray showed a 2cm mass behind and just above the nipple. The doctor said she couldn't feel any lumps but the xray tech told me I needed to see another doctor because they saw a large mass. I did that the next day and that doctor felt what feels like five peas all tied together (like rope feels) in a semicircular along the top edge of my areola and go from about the 9am clock position to the 2pm position. They collectively form what is 2 cm.  My nipple itself is very swollen and looks more red. I am scheduled for a mammogram tommorow morning.

Can male breast cancer form in that area of the breast? I thought it was found around the bottom of the nipple area.

Also can fluid build up from swelling show up on a standard xray as a darker or thicker area?

What further tests should I expect or ask about?

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Dear DHINSB:  Breast cancer can develop anywhere there is breast tissue.  A mammogram is an appropriate first step.  Standard xrays do not differentiate fluid as well as some other tests.  Depending on the mammogram results, an ultrasound or biopsy may be the next step.
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male breast cancer can form anywhere in the breast region. Mammogram won't tell more than what is known: there's a lump (or lumps) there. Statistically it's most likely innocent, but since cancer needs to be ruled out, it either needs surgical biopsy (or removal) or extremely close followup for awhile, no matter what the mammogram shows.
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