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I had a breast biopsy this past Thursday.  What should expect from the breast biopsy.  I have had a couple spots on my right breast that the Radiologist has been watching.  In December 2006 I had a breast reduction.  Since I had a check up with the surgeon, I ask him about it.  He went ahead and got a breast biopsy set up.  Chances are the lumps are from my breast reduction surgery.  What could be dones for the areas of lumps in the event they are not cancer, but still cause for me to have mamograms twice a year.  Is there any benefit to going ahead and having them removed or the spots corrected to look like a normal breast.

I don't know what to feel at this point.  Just going through the process and being around other women going through Radiology Thursday, made even the possiblity of cancer more real to me.  I am not one to mess around. If there is any question of what it is, isn't it best to have the lumps removed?

What is the percentage of people that have breast cancer, but had no previous history of anyone in the family having it,

What should I feel and think at this point
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Dear am174, Over the internet we cannot advise you specifically what to do about your situation.  Decisions about what to do regarding these lumps will be better able to be discussed once they have the information from the biopsy available.  That information as well as information from your films, physical exam etc. will help.  If you have additional concerns and questions after your discussion with your doctor, you may want to seek a second opinion regarding your situation from a breast specialist.  These are usually found associated with large academic centers.
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Basicly you gave me a non answer!  It easy on your side of things, but on my side i am left to wait and wonder.  
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The lumps are just little fat lumps that resulted from my having breast reduction surgery.  I was 99.9% sure it wasn't anything, but there something to hearing that everything was okay.  Rather having to keep going back, there is now a answer for what the lumps were.  Much better then going back every 6months to watch.  I can close that chapter and it feels pretty darn good!

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