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Intramammory node 7 cm from nipple?

hello, I recently had a follow up mammogram and ultrasound , but this time it was a 3D mammogram with follow up ultrasound of left breast. The results of the 3d mammo stated breast density Birads C , focal asymmetry in left upper outer quadrant remain similar to previous 2d mammogram.  Ultrasound demonstrated dense island fibroglandular  breast tissues at the regions of concern with no abnormalities.  Several cysts along 1 o'clock radian, some with eternal echogenicity  in keeping with complicated cysts.  Intramammary node seen along 1230 o'clock  radian 7 cm from nipple measuring .6x.4 cm.   Should I be concerned about "node" it has never been seen before on imaging.  I had a biopsy 18 months ago of left upper region of  tissue because it looked abnormal, results stated  small  calcifications, fibroglandular tissue etc.    Wouldn't the node have been seen during the 5 ultrasounds and 2 previous mammograms I had done from August 2018-July 2019?  My paternal aunt died of breast cancer and there is pancreatic cancer on both sides of my family along with lung cancer, bile duct cancer, skin cancer.    Should I request a CT Scan /MRI or follow up 3d mammogram/ ultrasound in 6 months.  Thanks
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Intramammary lymph node is a common benign finding in the breast, typically seen in the upper outer quadrant. However, further workup may be indicated if there are atypical features, such as absent fatty hilum, thickened cortex, not circumscribed margins, and/or increased size or interval change, the latter which may be applicable in your case. In all likelihood, the intramammary lymph node was probably present on the prior studies. They are so common that they sometimes not mentioned. Before going overboard with the MRI, it might be a good idea to request for the radiologist to review the prior studies to see if the lymph node was present in retrospect and make an addendum if necessary.
Thank you, the IMLN was never mentioned in any of the previous reports and therefore I will ensure that my doctor follows up with ultrasound in 6 months to observer for any changes etc .  The concern was that throughout all of my testing etc.  I went from birads 2-4-3, my UOQ / auxiliary tail of left breast has always been a concern since or about August 2018.  Each time an ultrasound was performed the tech had to have someone else come in to look at imaging tech/doctor.  The tissue biopsy was also done not because of mass,  but because of how tissue looked on ultrasound.  Thank you for your response.  I believe that we need to educate ourselves and take the position of being proactive in our own care rather than reactive as the health care system tends to be.
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I assume you have talked it all over with your doctor; are you here in order to see if what your doctor has told you is correct? (If you haven't discussed your questions with your doctor, I'd certainly do that before asking on the Internet.)

Regarding how worried you are, how old was your aunt when she got breast cancer? My doc once told me that if an aunt got breast cancer post menopause, that is much less concerning in terms of family history. He said that later in life the body has been subject to so many environmental insults that the likelihood of cancer is increased overall.

Second, a "node" seen in a mammogram is usually a lymph node, I think. (But of course, you should check this with your doctor.) Apparently lymph nodes can show up on mammograms and it doesn't mean much. I've also read that if a lymph node is visualized on a mammogram due to cancer, the cancer would also be clearly visible.

Anyway, your doctor, not Dr. Internet, should be your guide on what further tests are called for, if any.
HI,  briefly spoke with my docotor, I will see my doctor on Wednesday to discuss further.  My post was about  wondering if anyone else had similar experience.  My aunt was diagnosed when she was 38-39 years old  with breast cancer and died at 52 years old.   I am all about being proactive in my health care not reactive.  It just concerned me that after having 4-5 ultrasounds( which resulted in birads 2-4 -3 rating) , 2 mammograms, a tissue biopsy( no mass , looked abnormal)  and a FNA of a cyst from August 2018-July 2019 that an  IMLN was never mentioned / seen in any reports( which I have a copy of all of them)  until recent ultrasound in Feb 2020 it appeared.  My UOQ of left breast has been the topic of concern since August 2018, so much so that each time I have an ultrasound the tech has to have another come in to take images/opinions as well as doctor sometimes.   I have dense breasts Birads C.  I absolutely discuss my issues with my doctor, but they are human and do not know it all, it's important to find answers / ask the right questions ourselves, after all it is our responsibility to educate ourselves especially with health matters related to our own self and loved ones..   Knowledge is power.
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