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Invasive Lobular Cancer Metastases

I had left breast masectomy on Oct 13, lobular carcinoma, er and pr postitive, HR-2 Negative, 22 Negative lymph nodes,no blood vessel invasion seen,  size: 5 cm, doing 4 cyles AC, to be followed by radiation and tamoxifan. I plan to also discuss this topic with my oncologist, but also interested in your viewpoint. In my limited research I have learned that lobular cancer has different metastases than ductal cancer. And while I was initially pleased to learn I had negative lymph node involvement I am now concerned that perhaps neg. lymph nodes are common for lobular type breast cancer. I have learned that lobular cancer often mestastases to "broad spectrum of abdominal sites". . . and perhaps gets there via blood rather than lymph nodes.
What is your opinion on this. I was considering requesting some type of imaging or scan of my abdominal area as check.
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Repeat question and answer:

Dear timbertrails, Despite the fact that these types of cancers may spread to different areas the likelihood of recurrence or metastasis is based on the same factors. Factors that influence treatment recommendations are based on research over the years. These factors include; tumor size, lymph node status, histologic grade and type of tumors, estrogen receptor status.

Negative lymph node status indicates a decreased likelihood that the cancer has spread no matter the type of cancer lobular or ductal. However, other factors such as tumor size also influence treatment recommendations. Currently adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy is recommended for tumors greater than 1cm this is regardless of node positive or node negative disease. Tamoxifen for 5 years following chemotherapy is recommended for tumors that are estrogen receptor positive.

Currently the standard recommendation for follow up of breast cancer after completion of adjuvant treatment does not include imaging of the abdomen unless there is suspicion of possible metastasis.
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