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Is hormone therapy necessary?

My sister had her right breast removed 2 months ago.  Her pathological exam reveals ductal carcinoma with highly differential cell type.  0/11 lymph nodes were positive.  Immunohistological markers are tested from two centers one results were ER+, PR+, Ki67+<2% and Cerb-B2++ and the other is ER(-), PR+++, Cerb-B2+++ and Ki67 (-).  Does she need hermone therapy and chemo at all and what is the prognosis for her?

Thanks much.
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Generally if any lymph nodes are positive chemo is required.  Normally 8 sessions.  The size of the lump, age of the patient and menopausal status would also determine if chemo is required.  Although I was node negative and had a 2cm lump, I was 39 when diagnoised, premenopausal and the cancer was grade 3 so I was given 4 sessions of chemo.

From reading the info above, your siste is ER and PR positive so hormone therapy is normally suggested.  I too am ER and PR positive and will receive Hormone Therapy.
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