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Is it okay to wait this long?

Hello, I'm new here and would love to get some other opinions.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed a lump about the size of a grape close to the nipple and on the areola.  It is visible, hard and looks a little red and swollen.  It does not hurt at all and my nipple looks to be caving in slightly compared to my other breast.  About a week before I noticed the lump in my breast I noticed a lump in my armpit but it went away after a few days.  Other than feeling a little tired lately I feel fine.  I went to the doctor on Monday and he thought that it may be an infection and recommended I use warm wet compresses on my breast for a couple of weeks to see if it will go away.  He said if it didn't go away then I should schedule an appointment with a breast surgeon to have it removed.  I called to make an appointment today with the surgeon because I figured it would take a few weeks just to get me in and I could always cancel the appointment if the lump went away.  Well, the soonest the surgeon can see me is May 24th.  That's 6 weeks away from now.  It was also recommended by the surgeons office that I have some sort of studies done (mammogram, ultrasound, etc.) before I see the surgeon so I called my regular doctor back and spoke with his nurse.  The nurse recommended that I finish trying the warm compresses before scheduling any studies.  What I'm concerned about is the amount of time between now and when I see the surgeon.   I have heard of doctors confusing breast infections with inflammatory breast cancer.  I am not a nursing mother so from what I understand it is kind of rare to have a breast infection when not lactating.  However, I have also read that most IBC's don't present themselves with a lump.  Most.  Does that mean that some do?  I am concerned this could possibly be IBC which I know is a very fast growing cancer and even a few extra weeks could make a difference between life and death.  I don't want to sound like a crazy hypochondriac but I know that I must be an advocate for myself.  Does anyone else think this is too long to wait to see the surgeon?  
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Hi, I don't know for sure what your lump is, but I am almost certain from what you describe it's not IBC. To me it would make most sense to try an antibiotic if this does not get better with hot compresses? If your MD thinks it's an infection he/she must know that some are best treated with an antibiotic? And especially since you can't see the surgeon for a while, then a good response to an antibiotic would eliminate your need to see a surgeon at all? (I just think you maybe should call that nurse back and ask?)

IBC just does not present itself the way you describe your lump and I am just saying this so you don't worry about having IBC?

{;ease let us know what happens? Take care, Katrin
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Thank you for helping to put my mind at ease.  After reading some information regarding breast infections, I too was wondering why my doctor did not give me antibiotics.  I will call the office on Monday.  So far it has not gone down but I will keep on with the warm compresses.  

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