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Is it possible to get cancer without any family history of cancer?

Hi all, I'm a bit concerned these days. The continuous thoughts are hitting my head again and again of having breast cancer, I don't know why!
Since these days I'm reading a lot about cancers and there are lot of deaths occurring in the surroundings due to cancer.
I don't have any family history of cancer but my uncle(a distant relative) died due to bladder cancer 2 years back. Recently there is pain under my armpits, there was a small cyst since my childhood but never felt any pain but these days the pain is getting worse (not in the cyst) but around armpits.
Should I get it checked? What could be the reason for the pain, I'm really worried. I don't want to ruin my upcoming generations by having breast cancer at all.
Suggestions & advice from all of you is appreciated
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  It's pretty common to worry about our health and having breast cancer when you are a woman is also quite common.  Do you do monthly breast checks?  This is recommended and here is a link on how to do it:  https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/breast-exam/about/pac-20393237  If you do this around the same time each month, it gives you a good picture of what is going on with your breasts.  Try to avoid the time during menstruation or immediately after as there can be temporary breast changes during that time.  

Age is a factor. The younger you are, the less risk you have.  You do not appear to have any family history.  Stay healthy to help prevent breast cancer. This means maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, eating a healthy diet, getting rest, not smoking, limit alcohol consumption, etc.  

As to your concerns, it never hurts to get checked by your doctor.  Hormonal fluctuations can cause breast tenderness and pain.  Using the muscles in that area in a way they aren't used to can also cause pain you don't expect.  I will tell you that I had to investigate something I realized it was from playing tug o war with my dog and using my chest muscles when doing it!  It can be that easy to strain those muscles (or maybe that is just me.  :))  If you have a lump, yes, get it checked.  But having a cyst is not uncommon either.  

Do you have anxiety in general though where you worry a good deal?  That in itself is something that people often benefit from addressing.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fighting-fear/201305/the-treatment-health-anxiety
Thanks for giving your precious time to respond here. I'm thinking to get is checked but worried to death, what if my assumption will come true.
I don't know what to do.
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Hi there.  Hey, this is a particularly stressful time for us all.  When we are stressed, it makes us worry more. We think about death and our mortality.  Could this be going on behind the scenes with you?  You are not in a high risk category from what you have said.  Live as healthily as you can and that is all anyone can do.  If the stress becomes too much, then work on anxiety.  A therapist can be a wonderful thing.  :>)  hugs
Well, thanks for your kind words & advice. I follow a very healthy lifestyle and include lot of fruits and nutrients in my daily diet, do exercise on daily basis. But still can't deal with this anxiety.
Anxiety is vicious.  There are proven ways of combating it.  It might be helpful if your anxiety gets too much to look into that.  I know it's hard.  We live in scary times and our health is something to never take for granted. But you haven't given a lot of reason to be more concerned than anyone else. Just keep living healthily and do your self breast exams.  Breast cancer is the most studied of all the cancers and they have many treatment options, the survival rate if one is diagnosed with breast cancer is growing all the time.  It is not a death sentence.  :>)  So, we all just do our best.  good luck
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