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Is my blurred vision related to Chemotherapy Treatments?
Is my current blurred vision (looking through a dark gray fog) related to my chemotherapy treatments? On Aug. 31, 2011, I finished six cycles of Herceptin, Taxotere and Carboplatin for Breast Cancer.  I was also diagnosed with Lung Cancer and had a Lobectomy in April 2011. I am now receiving a maintenance dose of Herceptin every three weeks and just finished my 12th dose of Herceptin this January.  

The gray fog first occurred in October 2011 in the right eye only.  It came and went away in two weeks.  However, this recent occurance in January 2012 came on slowly, again only in the right eye.  I've been looking through the dark gray fog for two weeks now.  I just visited an ophthamologist and he has referred me to a nuero-ophthamologist.  I hope this problem is temporary.  Is it the Herceptin or one of the other Chemo drugs?

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Apparently Carboplantin cause changes in vision.I am not sure about the other drugs, but it's a possibility.
Please copy and paste the link below to check on each chemo drug you are taking and its side effects.


Also click on the link below to read some posters complaint about vision problems due to chemo. (scroll all the way down)
I hope it helps.


I am hoping too that your eye problem is temporary
Sending you my best wishes!.
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