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Is this normal?

I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on Aug 1, 2007.  I have had a lumpectomy, reexcision for cleaner margins.  Followed by Chemo 4 sessions 3 weeks apart followed by 33 radiation treatments finished Feb.1 2008.  My Breast hurts me and the breast that was treated is always warmer to the touch than the other one. Also it seems swollen or slightly larger than normal. My question, Is this normal?  Also I had my 6 month Mammo and the nurse that gave me the results said there were changes noticed since my post opp one.  Sould this be some thing to be overly concerned with?  I have really been worried.
Please give me some advice and also which Dr. do I see.  Rad oncologist, Med oncologist, surgeon, Who?
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Dear Neenah65,  It would not be unusual to have some changes in your mammogram after treatment.  You would want to discuss the changes with your doctor who can interpret them for you specifically.  You could discuss with any of your team of doctors your concerns, however if you do not have an appointment in the near future with any of them contacting the surgeon would be most appropriate for the above situation.  

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I would think the report went to your Primary Care Physician or whoever ordered the mammo. I would certainly discuss this with that Physician and at least find out what those changes were that the nurse mentioned.
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I was told that some of your issues are indeed normal. I had 2 lumpectomies, two nodes removed and 33 treatments of radiation myself. My regular onc and rad onc told me that some swelling and pain could be very normal for 6 months to a year. However, after only two months post radiation treatment. my collar bone and shoulder area also began to hurt. I truly thought I had broken something. To make a long story short and numerous doctor trips, to general doc and regular onco doc, my onco doc ordered a MRI and mammogram. As these both came back as no eveidence of cancer, disease or any abnormalities, they both kind of washed their hands from my pain and kept telling me it was normal. NOT!!! I immediately got an appointment with my Radiology Oncologist and was FINALLY AND QUICKLY DIAGNOSED WITH TRUNKAL LYMPHEDEMA. i AM CURRENTLY UNDERGOING TREATMENT AND WEARING COMMPRESSION BANDAGES  FOR 22 HOURS A DAY AND THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN MIRACULOUS. tHE VERY NEXT MORNING, OF COURSE i WEAR THE BANDAGES AT NIGHT, i WOKE UP pain free!. bY THE THIRD DAY OF mANUAL lYMPH DRAINAGE MESSAGE BY A CERTIFIED LYMPHEDEMA SPECIALIST, aLL OF MY FIBROUS, HARDENED AREAS OF TISSUES WERE GONE!. pLEASE GET AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR RAD ONCO AND ASK ABOUT LYMPHEDEMA. The truncal type goes miss diagnosed and most lymphedema after breast cancer shows up in the arm.  Also. go to Lymphnotes.com and read about truncal lymphedema symptoms. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the care you need.
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Thank You so very much I have really been worried about this.  I see my Surgeon tommorrow as well.
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Good luck with your visit to the surgeon tomorrow.
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I recieved all good yesterday at the oncologist as well as last week at the surgeon.  He said I am having alot of swelling due to the radiation damage.  Just something to put up with for 6 months to a year.  I meet with the surgeon on May 1st to set up a day to have the port removed.

Hope all is well for you.
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Oh that is great news what a relief.  You can start living again.

How is the hair coming along?

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My hair is really growing, due to all the biotin & hair vitamins.  Gonna be nice this summer.  I like to work in the yard and my garden.   I'm used to having long hair, that has to be put in a clip, so I can get things done.  This year it is great, not having to worry about it.

I have been walking again 5 miles wend, 3 miles thur,  rained all day today though.

My port will be removed the 25th of April.  The Dr's office called and said they would do it soon so I said great.

Hope you and your family are doing great.  How is your hair growing?  Once you get it cut it seems like it usually grows fast for a while.  I won't need a cut for a while though.
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I'm doing fine.  The hair is coming on nicely.  However I still have a kink in it.  Before chemo my hair was straight.  Still kinky hair is better than no hair.

I think I will keep my hair  short, but waiting for the top layers and fringe to grow longer and then I have the sizes and back of my hair kicked/flicked out.  Kind of trendy, althought I am not a trendy person and my wardrobe is even worse.  Maybe I need to go shopping and buy some trendy clothes - now I just need to find trendy places  to go to!!!

I am very busy in work working on 2 new projects, so I could do with a weekend away.  Still work is better than chemo and radiotherapy.  We booked a weeks holiday on 30th June to Sweden with the family.  Looking forward to it.

Well keep looking after yourself and enjoy the garden.  I dread the summer cause I suffer badly from hay fever, it is a curse.
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My port was removed and I am doing good.  Depressed a lot due to the weather I guess.

I have been spiking the top of my hair and the rest just curls, little curls.
Never had curly hair either just straight as can be.

Take care, good to hear from you once in a while.

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You are fortunate to have your hair growing back normal.  I had a mastectomy 6 years ago, all the chemo and radiation treatments and am still taking a pill

(Stage 3 cancer) with 14 nodes bad out of 15 removed.
My hair slowly grew back, but is it very thin.  Too thin to fix in any style,  so I am wearing wigs!  It is not so bad though.  It saves me the cost of my hair done at the shop!
I found a good place to buy wigs.  Paula Young.com.  They are real nice.
                               Farm Girl
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I feel for you.  Paula Young is a very good wig catalogue.  I am fortunate to have thicker hair than I had before, considering as the women in my family age their hair gets thinner.

I hope things go well for you.

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