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I've had a recall for a mammogramme.

Why does wearing deodorant affect a mamogramme?  I do believe I had deodorant on last time as I don't think my letter said not to.  My recall letter does. Also not to have talc on.  As we have a family history of BC, my sister being the most recent I am worried, although having read through some of the replies on here I feel a little easier.
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Wearing deodorant,lotion,talcum powder or perfume under your armpit,can make mammogram interpretation much harder, because these products contain substances like flecks that can mimic microcalcifications on the x-ray image.
I am not sure if you have been called back because you applied deodorant or because an abnormality,such as microcalcification or density was detected in your breast.
Whatever the reason is,a spot compression mammogram is required to achieve better imaging of a particular region of the breast,particularly if you have dense breasts.The fact that you are being called back is very common, sometimes is just the skin that has folded over on itself causing a shadow or density to appear.A spot compression can focus in on the area and clarify things for you and the radiologist..
Hoping that your next mammogram will result in benign findings.
All the best to you!....
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