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I've recently noticed large pores on my breasts. Should I be worried?

About a month ago, the birth control I was taking at the time was causing acne flare ups on my face, back, and breasts. I'd never had any real acne on my breasts before, so I was paying very close attention to them during this time. It was around this time that I also noticed the pores on my breasts looked pretty large. At first, I thought it was just the top of one breast, but upon further examination in better lighting, they were visible all over both breasts. I have been checking my breasts for changes every day and they seem to have gotten a little better recently. They look like very tiny indentations with a hair sticking out of each one. They're not present all the time, when I'm cold they form normal goosebumps and whatnot. When I try to squeeze them, nothing comes out, so I know they're not blackheads. This is undoubtedly a wild leap, but I'm worried that what I'm seeing is actually peau d'orange. I do not have any other symptoms associated with IBC, and given the length of time I've exhibited these enlarged pores without much change I'm not convinced, but if anyone is in a similar situation or knows something about this, I'd love their input.
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I wouldn't worry about IBC as this type of rare cancer usually doesn't present in both breasts at the same time.
Pores on breast results when there is excessive production of sebum or the oil on your skin. This problem is most probably due to a skin condition and not related to breast cancer at all. I would advise you to make an appointment with a Dermatologist who could easily resolve your skin disorder with appropriate medication.
Best wishes...
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I would like to add NOT to squeeze the bumps as you might introduce bacteria and get an infection. Just keep the area clean and also washing with anti-bacteria soap could help until you see the Dermatologist okay?
Take care..
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Thank you for the advice! That makes me feel a lot better. I'll be making an appointment with a dermatologist very soon.
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