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Just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer

Wondering if anyone out there has any information on what the most effective chemotherapy is for the first rounds?
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Expect Blessings! I agree it would help to know where your cancer has metastasized to? My Mothers went to the armpit nodes, 16 were removed, 12 infected. 2 lumpectomies in her breast. She had 12 rounds chemo followed by 6 weeks radiation. That was 8 years ago and she is doing FABULOUS. ;). Hang in there!!
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This message is sent with prayers for quick healing, comfort, strength and wisdom. God bless. Expecting your healing.
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Hi, and sorry.

It really matters where your cancer spread to in terms of choosing the best treatment . Still, even the best treatment for one is not always for another, and some cause bad side effects or are ineffective for one person and great for another.

If your cancer spread to your brain, you would be getting radiation, and if it went to the liver you would receive chemo. And to the lungs probably a different chemo than if it came back in the breast.

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I am so sorry too to hear about your diagnosis.
I agree with bluebutterfly2222,that only your oncologist can plan a unique and detailed treatment for your particular case.There are no two cases that will be treated the same.
Even though we, as members, can relate our own experience with treatments,keep in mind that it will not necessarily be the same for you or anyone else.
There are too many factors to consider when it comes to treating a patient with Chemo, radiation etc.. I am sure that your oncologist will plan the most up-to-date  treatment options that is tailored just for you... and I sincerely hope that all will go well for you KCVan.
Wishing you all the best and good luck!
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Wish you comfort, an know all of us are here to listen,
Best wishes
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I wish I could answer your question but I don't know the answer. You'll most likely hear from Katrin as she's going through this right now too.

I just wanted to let you know that we're here for you.
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I am sorry to hear you have received this dx.

Questions in this forum are answered by survivors and other volunteers generally not identified as medical professionals. We are unable, therefore, to provide specific advice regarding choice of chemotherapy,  as you requested.
It would be best for you  to discuss this question with your oncologist, who would have the necessary medical expertise,  as well as having available all of the details of your medical history and test results, to recommend the best treatment plan for your specific case.

Best wishes...
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