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What are then normal levels of estrogen in a 40 year old woman?
I had breast cancer this year (DCIS) and had a mastectomy. I have had a reconstruction and have been taking tamoxifen for 10 months now. Recently i had my hormones tested due to hot flushes and found that my estrogen levels were 3500. Had another test one week later and they were 2800. I have now had a pelvic scan and its shown large cysts on each ovary. I blame the tamoxifen as the scans I had done months ago never showed anything.
Do i get my ovaries removed or not?
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Normal range can be up to 400 BUT much higher levels are often found in various situations; Breast Cancer is certainly one of those. I don't see your reasoning for blaming Tamoxifen since this drug is used to stop the production of Estrogen. I suggest that you discuss te Lab results with your Oncology Team for and explanation in your particular case. the development of ovarian cysts would not necessarily be related to your Breast Cancer and unless you had a previous pelvic scan, these cysts may have been present even before your diagnosis.  Regards ....
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