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Knot under breast

Hello. I am a 20 yr old Female. Last Thursday me and my friends were goofing off and i did a back bend. I don't usually work out or anything. So the day after i done it... I had this bruised type feeling about an inch under my right breast. I started feeling around  for whatever it was... and noticed a knot. It is pretty hard. and it does not move. On the other hand though.. it was sore for a couple days but not anymore. I googled for it and found something that said it could be a pulled rib muscle. But i dont know. It doesn't hurt to move,cough,sneeze,or bend over so i dont know if it is a pulled muscle. I just need someone to answer this for me.. Does this sounf at all anything like a pulled rib muscle? Theres still a knot there.
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What you describe may indeed be a muscle injury or even a hematoma due to the rupturing of a blood vessel in the tissue. I would suggest that you ck. with your Dr. if you are terribly concerned about this problem. We here deal with only Breast Cancer issues so you may want to post on one of the other Communities also.    Regards ......
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