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Large, painful breast lump that is growing fast

I just had a baby on May 27th and I have been breastfeeding. I noticed a small lump in my right breast in the upper left side. It was about the size of a grape around June 18th. Since then it has been increasingly painful and is now about the size of a plum. It is very hard and it no longer moves when I push it. I have tried everything for it if it was a plugged duct but nothing has worked. I went to the doctor and she said it probably wasn't a plugged duct and she has scheduled me for a ultrasound next week but I was hoping to get some ideas on what it is before that. Thank you.
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Dear RachL777, Without further evaluation including physical examination it is impossible to say what this is for sure.  Following through with the evaluation as suggested by your doctor is recommended.

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