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Large, painless, visible lump near nipple....

Hello ladies...and gents, I need to get some advice, experiences etc. I am aware that only a doctor, mammogram, biopsy etc can diagnose but until then.....about two weeks ago I noticed a rather large, approx. 1 inch or so, lump right next to, almost under my nipple. It seems semi round, firm, and movable, and can be visibly seen when looking at my breast. That's actually how I noticed it.My breast looked misshapen next to my nipple. No nipple discharge or inversion. When doing the traditional self breast exam I don't really feel anything unusual but if I pinch my breast I feel it plain as day. I can grab it and actually see it move under my skin. Ive had a breast cyst before and it feels nothing like that. I am due to get my period sometime in the next week but I don't really think there is any relation since ive never experienced this before and I noticed it around the end of my last period. Any thoughts, experiences with something like this? Thanks for your time.
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Anytime we find a lump in our breast we should definitely worry…I advise you to schedule an appointment with your physician and get yourself evaluated clinically. This sounds like it could be a cyst or a fibroadenoma and both are benign. An Ultrasound test would be most valuable to find out if this growth under you nipple is a cyst (Fluid filled sac) or a fibroadenoma which is a solid lump.
Please call your Doctor to make an appointment okay?
Take care…
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