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Large, soft armpit lump

I am 30 years old, healthy and 4 months pregnant. Since my first child, 7 years ago I have had a soft, small lump under my right armpit. At the time it developed I was breast feeding and was told that it was a clogged milk duct that had gotten backed up. I was treated for it and found relief from the pain.

Over the years however it has come back and grown in size and in the amount of pain I experience from it. I have had several ultrasounds and two mammograms (even though I was not yet 30 at the time). All of them have come back showing nothing.

The lump is becoming more and more painful and is the largest it has ever been. My regular doctor told me he felt it was just a swollen lymph node that comes and goes and put me on antibiotics. The treatment seemingly did nothing. At my follow up visit he suggested I have a biopsy done by a surgeon.

Since I have been pregnant however I have not gone. The pain seems to be getting worse though. Could my breast milk coming in have something to do with the excess pain, and is this something I need to be concerned about??
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I think that if you want to know for sure about this lump is to follow your doctor's advice and have this lump biopsied....waiting or worrying will not solve this problem since it's been there for so long.I don't think it's anything serious, but now that you are pregnant you got one more reason to be vigilant and take good care of yourself and the baby.
Please make that appointment with your doctor the sooner the better for your own peace of mind.
Good luck and best of wishes...
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