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Large lump in my breast

I've found a rather large lump in my right breast -- spherical, about the size of an in-shell walnut.  Poking at it is painful, and some movements & positions make it very noticeable. Oddly, about a week ago, I had smaller lump in my right armpit, about the diameter of a dime.  That went away in less than a week.  This is totally new to me -- I've never had any lumps, bumps or swelling before.

I have been takling bioidentical hormones for several years under the care of a natropath.  Can you advise on what type of  health care provider to see to follow up on the lump -- is this something a natropath could help with?
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Dear christine1975:  There are many possible explanations for a painful lump but the general rule of thumb in the setting of a new lump is that it needs to be investigated.  You could see your primary care doctor, your gynecologist or a medical breast specialist (these are usually affilitated with large academic medical centers).  This is not something a naturopath would do.  FYI:  Whether the hormones are bioidentical or synthetic or from plants - they are still hormones and when taking them, benefits should outweigh risks.  
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