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Left breast pain

I have a pain in my left breast, my arm and my back. My pain in the left breast first began one morning. That night I was sleeping wearing a bra, and the wire was poking out of my bra and digging into my skin. Also, when I checked the breast there was a red mark on it. The pain was there for almost 2-3 days, after that every thing was normal, the mark was gone and I didn’t feel pain any more.
But, after while (around one month), the pain started again in the same breast for almost two weeks and I began to worried. I referred this to the nurse in my GP and she advised me to se the doctor if I have still problem. Then the big pain was gone and I felt relieved.
Now, after two months the pain comes back even worse. I visited the doctor (GP), I did x-ray yesterday and I will do the breast test. I am really scared and I need some information .What cause the pain now? Do I have a breast cancer? I am 46 and had a hysterectomy after the birth of my last child in 2001 so it is not pre menstruation related.
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It's really hard to evaluate the real cause of the pain you are experiencing as it can be due to many benign conditions and rarely related to breast cancer.The more common reason for this pain would include breast tissue response to hormonal changes "if" your ovaries have not been removed  when you had a hysterectomy or if you are on hormone replacement therapy.
If you had your ovaries removed and you are not on HRT,then the pain is nocyclic.Occasionally, noncyclic pain may be caused by a fibroadenoma or a cyst (Both benign findings) that may appear on further testings such as a mammogram/Ultrasound or MRI. (if needed).
Other reasons for pain in the breast radiating to the arm and back could be due to gastric problem or pectoral muscle injury that can happen with certain exercises or arm overuse.
As you can see,the causes of your pain could be many and I am glad that you are seeing a doctor who is investigating this problem for a correct diagnosis.
Please don't worry about cancer,but you certainly need to find out what's causing the pain and I hope that soon you will have this problem resolved.
Best wishes....
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Thank you for your reply and support. I went to my GP and she found two cysts(calciums) in my left breast.I still feel pain and I can't wear bra any more .My breast tests are this week and I'm in total shock.I barely sleep and I can't wait to know the results. Thanks again for your reply and best wishes to you.
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I am awaiting an ultrasound for a pain I have in the side of my left breast and armpit. I am 36 and lost my man to breast cancer.  I have gad it 3 months and it is getting worse the pain is constant.  Worried sick I have something bad!
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Your question sounds a lot like "jo655d" post and I hope that my answer to her has helped you a little too.
I would like to suggest to you that in the future,you would more likely get a faster reply,if you ask your question by starting your own thread.
When you add your comment on a previous post,members will most likely overlook it,assuming you are just adding another message to the original poster.

PS..To start your own thread,(if you have more questions) just click on the orange rectangle "Post a question" on the left side at the top of the page.When you finish typing, click on the green rectangle to submit your post.

I hope that you and "jo655d" have nothing serious to worry about and I wish you both the very best...
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