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Left breast showing glandular parenchyma

My wife aged 33 has been daignoised last week with left breast showing predominently glandular parenchyma, the nipple and restroarecolar region appears norman.
Inner lower quadrant shows increased echogenicity and vascularity within the parechyma of inflammatroy change.
no focal mass or absess seen
ductal system appears normal & no evidence of dilatation, skin is normal.
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The findings in your wife's report do NOT indicate breast cancer.
Glandular Parenchyma basically refers to the "normal" substance of the breast tissue.
Although all seems normal,according to the report,there is an increased echogenicity and vascularity change within the breast tissue indicating an inflammation called Mastitis.
This condition is benign and your wife should not be overly worried about it.However,if mastitis is left untreated,an abscess can develop in the breast tissue that may require surgical drainage.
Mastitis can sometimes be stubborn and difficult to treat, but eventually with a proper course of antibiotics along with painkillers this problem is usually resolved..
All the best to both you and your wife..

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Dear Zouzi
thanks a lot, belive me, myself and my wife both were under stress since last week, your reply is really great feeling and i wish you all happines in your life and may God bestow you with blessings.  Thanks again.
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