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Lobular Breast Cancer Long Term Survival

I have been diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, invasive.  I underwent a partial mastectomy with removal of 20 lymph nodes, 4 of which were bad.  I am told that my margins are clear.  I am to undergo a round of 8 treatments of chemo, followed by radiation and hormone therapy.  What is the prognosis for this type of cancer for survival beyond 5 years?  Thank you for any help that you can provide.
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Dear bulldogsmama:  The prognosis for lobular carcinoma of the breast is, like ductal carcinoma, based on the size of the tumor, number of lymph nodes, hormone status, and other factors relating to the type of tumor (histology).  Although there are some differences in terms of the natural behavior of lobular and ductal type cancers, these differences do not translate to different survival rates.  Your doctor will be best equipped to discuss prognosis as it pertains to your particular situation and how the treatment will affect your risk.
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