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Looking for a good breast specialist in Bergen County, NJ

During my wife's last examination a hypoechoic nodule was found in her breast. A needle biopsy later (at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ) she was told to come back for another check in 6 months. What worries me is that all the doctors and specialists involved were highly incompetent in providing information to us and letting us know what was going on and why. I feel that we desperately need a second and third opinion. Any referrals will be highly appreciated. My wife has gone into a weird mode where she just doesn't want to think about it, so I'm trying to help find a reliable doctor for her. Thanks.
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Thanks for the advice. I;ve heard some horror stories like your mother's and it really makes me nervous. I did look for doctors at Hackensack Hospital, but I was surprised that they are supposed to be good, my experiences there have not been the best.
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You're smart in getting another opinion. Maybe try Hackensack Hosp - they have a good rating, but sometimes I wonder how they got it, but thats another story. You are smart to get another opinion because my mother had what they said was a "fatty tumor" BUT!! it wound up being B/C and spread to the bone. And now I just read good news on the Hepc forum about a new treatment for liver tumors, and, luck of the Irish, my mothers report just came in the mail and the report says the cancer is now in her liver. The last scan 3 months ago her liver was fine. What a nightmare - or another nightmare I should say.

It struck me so strange - I was just reading about RFA treatment for liver cancer and a half hour later, find out my mother has it. Doctor is mad that we got the report! He said he wanted to wait to see her in person  to give her the bad news and is mad that we were getting copies sent to us- he didn't realize we were.

What nerve - its her records...so needless to say he wants us to come down tomorrow to talk.

But anyhow, do make SURE that lump your wife has get checked again. If my mother was diagnosed correctly when she was biopsied, she would not have bone cancer and now today liver cancer. Btw, I wondered if RFA would be good for breast tumors and I googled it and it seems they have been doing RFA at some hospitals with excellent results for certain size tumors.

You may want to read about that - I'm not saying your wife has cancer, but its best to know about all this stuff even for info to pass on to people we know - friends and relatives.

But anyhow keep pushing and get copies of ALL the tests. None of my doctors mind that I get copies of MY tests, but my mothers doc is totally annoyed that she has been copies.

Well anyhow, good luck Sam.
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