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Looking for a little advice to settle my mind

Hello everyone! I'm 26 years old and last week found a small, hard, round lump in my breast. It's about pea sized, maybe a tiny bit bigger. It's quite firm, and very near the skin, about an inch above my nipple (I have very large breasts). My breasts are typically quite lumpy but this one seems different. I am very in tune to my body, and noticed this lump easily, and don't think it's been there very long. If I push up on my breast from the bottom you can see where it is under my skin, if I pull my skin taut. I'm not very concerned, and will make an appt with a gyno asap but was hoping someone would have some advice to put my mind to rest as I am slightly worried.

The only reason that I am concerned is that over the past 2 months I've been having health issues and now have swollen lymph nodes. I feel as though I am getting an ear infection which would account for the swollen nodes in my neck, but I also have them on the left side of my armpit and chest/collarbone (my right breast is the one I found the lump). I have pain in my left shoulder/neck/arm that is most likely from a pinched nerve in my neck. My lower back is very tender and sore, and I have had flakes in my urine that I was under the assumption was just protein, but now am wondering if I had an infection (hence the flakes, the lower back pain, swollen lymph nodes).

I've also had gastro-intestinal issues like heartburn, stomach discomfort, yellow stool, discomfort that comes and goes below my left breast/spleen area.

Any words would begreat!!! Thank you!!
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My advice would be to do exactly what you plan to do: get it checked out as soon as
possible! At your age, the odds are very much in favor of a benign lump, but you'll never know that until you see a medical professional. The best advice, especially if
you're in tune with any changes in your breasts, is to get the change checked out.
You should also discuss all your other health issues with your doctor. It's good to seek information on your own, but the only real answer should come from your
doctor. I don't think anyone here would attempt a diagnosis for you.Once you have a diagnosis, you can come back here for support and advice if you still need it. Best wishes for a benign result, but you need to get checked out.
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