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I had breast surgery 2 weeks ago for breast cancer. The breast cancer is grade 1 which im told is not a bad form of cancer. I had the lump removed and some of my lymph gland removed. The results came back to say that there is no cancer in my lymph gland.
I have now found a lump aprox 1 inch in size near to where they did the surgery...
is this normal? If so do you know what it may be?
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Hi Lump -
It's hard to tell - only your doctor can truly answer and guide you. I have had 3 surgeries in 10 months and from my experience I have had scar tissue built up in the area where the surgeries were. But, after milk ducts removed in right breast (DCIS) another mass did form & had to be removed behind where the milk ducts were. Then again another MRI showed behind the nipple was another mass which had to be removed (same breast). So take every precaution and talk to your doctor about everything. Do not let anything go by, can't take chances with your Life. Good luck, I hope this helps. I have LCIS (left breast), DCIS (right breast), radio. and now Tamoifen along with alot of pain. I wish you the best, Sunshine1960
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I sounds like it could be some post-operative swelling or scar tissue.  Just after my surgery, my body continued to change and shift and I would feel different things as my swelling was going down, or after drains were pulled out.  Follow up with your dr., but it sounds pretty normal.

Have a great rest of the Thanksgiving weekend.


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