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Lump and Pain in breast

Okk pleasee help me..i dont know whats going on.
So recently i found this lump on my right breast which moves, i did my research and found out that teens get these lumps and its due to the hormonal changes but yesterday i was doing my homework and all of a sudden my right breast started 2 hurt, and the pain would come n go away, and a few seconds later, i felt the same kind of pain under my left armpit, and then pain on my right breast and then it stopped. I got really scared. So after the pain stopped, it was only for a few sec each time for a total of may be 3 times in one minute and that was it but nyways so after i looked for the lump in my breast and i think it has decreased in width, although its length is still the same. What is it? i am so scared...why was it hurting like that? Is that cancer? Please help me! i am only 16 and i am so scared right now.
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I don't think you need to be worrying about breast cancer. This would be very, very rare in a person your age and lumps that are associated with cancer don't cause pain. You've done some research already and found that lumps do appear very often in teens and are related to the hormone levels in the body. This is referred to as Fibrocystic Breast Condition and the lumps and the entire breast do become quite painful. I think it would be wise for you to see your Family Physician .... he/she could do an examination of your breasts and offer you some suggestions that would help with the discomfort. Many young women experience this same thing and it's natural to worry when something strange like this happens to you. Ck. with your Dr., OK ??   Take care .....
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