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Lump bellow collarbone


I have this lump below my collarbone (more below my shoulder), in the corner where the collarbone and shoulder bone meet. It's very small (small pea), round, smooth, and very movable. It has been there for at least 3 years and the doctor told me it was not a tumor (did not do tests just a physical). I was just wondering what could make a lump like that in that area!? I have never injured my shoulder and the lump doesn't hurt.

I am a 24 female. I am pretty skinny so feeling any kind of lymph node is common on me (doctor said it wasn't a glad though). Should I go back and have them do tests to explain what it is exactly or is it just a random ignorable lump?

Thank you
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Hi there.

What you have described is most likely a small lymph node, and if that has been there for over 3 years now, then it can be safe to assume that this is nothing serious.  What will be bothering is if this lump progressively increases in size, becomes fixed and hard, or becomes associated with other breast lumps.

It is also important to note of any infection around the area, since this would explain why that node becomes palpable.

Regards and God bless.
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