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Lump found, 30 years old and scared

Hello everyone.  I am new to this forum but am hoping for some advice and/or reassure from you ladies.

My mother passed away in 2008 when she was 52 from breast cancer.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 when she was 50 years old.  Her tumor was very large and had spread to her bones, liver, lymph nodes, and lungs by the time she was diagnosed.  She was in denial and definitely knew the primary tumor was there but didn't get it checked out for some reason until it was basically too late.

Anyhow, I am 30 years old and have recently discovered a lump in my left breast that wasn't there at my annual check up last year.  I went in last week to see my doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech said that she could feel the lumps but they looked like normal breast tissue.  I was relieved.  I hadn't heard from my doctor until yesterday when he left me a voicemail saying that he wanted to send me in for a diagnostic mammogram.  I am scared.

I know that nothing has been confirmed or diagnosed and I might be overreacting, but it is hard for me not to after seeing the suffering that my mom went through.  I am only 30 years old and have two young children (1 and 3 years old).  I am so afraid of leaving them without a mother.  

Would my doctor really send me in for a diagnostic mammogram if the ultrasound showed normal breast tissue as the tech said?  I've called my doctor back and left a message and am just waiting for him to call.  In the meantime it is hard for me to think about anything else other than the "what ifs".  

Also, my doctor asked if my mom had been tested for the BRCA genes and suggested that I get tested.  I don't think she was tested.  My insurance does cover the testing.  What are all of your thoughts on genetic testing?  

I am so sorry that we are all here.  :(  Thank you in advance for your responses.
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Well, lumps are lumps and obviously you felt something "new" so on with the testing. Ultrasound and Mammogram "see" different things as well as "see" them differently. What the Technician says should mean very little to you; the actual report is what counts here and your Dr. most likely has that. It's never really what you feel or even what the Dr. feels but what is shown on the film and read by the Radiologist. The fact that a Diagnostic Mammogram has been ordered simply means that the Ultrasound could not determine what the lump represents and this certainly need NOT be cancer !! There are various lumps that occur within the breast; cysts and fibroadenomas are included and both are benign. It is not at all unusual to have both US and Mammogram done; many women are called back to define something that may or may not be serious. Each and every new finding needs to be diagnosed no matter what it may be.  Now on to the subject of genetic testing. In your case I'm not sure I would but since your Ins. will pay then it would be entirely up to you. The reason I wouldn't encourage it for YOU is that you already know that you are at a higher risk due to the BC history with your Mother. You should be followed closely at a much earlier age than normally advised and evidently this process has begun. If this lump is something of little concern and I have no reason to think otherwise, you need to see a Breast Specialist and have yearly Mammograms / Ultrasounds as well as doing your monthly self exams and seeing the Dr. yearly for a clinical exam. Don't worry about "overreacting" ... we all do that and we all dwell on the worst possible outcome; it's only natural but we also get thru it no matter what. We women are a STRONG bunch and that includes YOU !! Keep calm, stay strong and keep us posted when you get your results and bring us all your questions and concerns.    Take care .....
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