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Lump found in breast

Hi I am going a little crazy and not sure if I should worry or not.  I found a lump in my right breast 3-4 weeks ago (hard oval shape that is only slightly movable) at first i though it might be hormonal changes so I monitored it for a little while,  when it didn't change i went to the doctors who spent quiet a time feeling the lump and told me its just a fibro cyst and not to worry (easier said than done) she said it doesn't need scanning but to monitor and go back in 6 months.  
How does she know for sure it is a lump that is ok without it being scanned?  I have breast cancer in my family and a string of other cancers in close family and she knows this, I'm nearly 34 with no other health conditions.  I did phone her back and ask her to refer me as I don't want to spend the next 6 months worrying which she said she will do, but very coincidently she forgot to do the referral and now I have to wait another week before I know when my appointment will be.  Was I right to push for a referral or am I being silly  
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Yes of course you were right to request an Ultrasound of the breast. I certainly does sound as though this is most likely a cyst or fibroadenoma as your Dr. said. "Feeling" the lump is a good start but there is no way to be certain without further studies. Waiting this short time for your appointment isn't of any concern though so don't panic.  Regards ...
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Thank you.  I didn't want to disbelieve the doctor I just wanted to be sure so its not constantly in the back of my mind xx
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Hi, I had breast cancer in 2012 and I felt a knot in my breast in 2014.  I got some B17 from Amazon,Novodalin brand.  I took 2 - 500mg a day, spacing them out. I took one in the morning and one at night.  That knot started tingling and got softer after 2 weeks. Even the doctor said so.  Plus the test showed no cancer.  Amazon does not sell that brand on my last check.  They had a pile of excellent reviews, but I have no idea why they quit selling it.  The B17 is found in apricot seeds and Amazon does sell that.  It is found in grape seeds etc also.  Personally I believe in more of a holistic approach and believe there is a cure for cancer, but just too much money to be made with the disease.  If you decide to try the B17, research is online.  There are Utube videos.  It can be bought on **********.com
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Get a 2nd opinion. It's your right. I did and it probably saved my life. I do have breast cancer. I found a lump in December that was small moveable and close to the surface. Went to the doc and because of my age and lack of strong family history he wanted me to wait until April to biopsy it and I said HELL NO! Anyway I got a 2nd opinion and wouldn't you know it's cancer. I caught it early. Stage 1a grade 2. Be your own advocate. You know your body. Don't let yourself lose sleep over it.
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I agree!  2nd opinion!!!  Better safe then sorry.  Peace of mind is everything!  I was diagnosed in Nov 2014.  My tumor was very easily felt.   It was 6cm.  
Mine was caught early like Addie29.  Stage 1A, grade 3.  If it isn't, you will sleep like a baby after you find out, and if it is, you will have a 6 month head start.  
Keep bugging your doctors office till you get that referral!!!
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Thank you for making me feel I am right to get checked and I'm so glad you persisted with your doctor well done and I wish you all the best in beating the cancer.  Stay strong xx
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I wish you the best of luck with your treatment and beating the cancer and thank you for the reasurence xx
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You are more then welcome!  Keep us updated!
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