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Lump in Breast

Im 23 and I have a lump in my breast and its been there for over 3 years. Its been the same size but sometimes it seems like it shrinks.. It seems to be moveable and I only feel achy or dullness in the spot where the lump is or where it moves. Around when my period starts it seems to become worse but lessens when my period is over. The lump seems to have a ridge like texture

I dont know can this be a cyst? Im scared to get it checked out (im a worry wart indeed) but i know i have too .
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I see no reason why you should be scared to have this lump evaluated by a medical professional....This could very well be a cyst related to the increasing hormonal  fluctuation,it will generally increase in size before the menstrual period and decrease afterwards.
I strongly doubt that the lump in your breast is serious,since you have had it for so long,but you should be aware that it is an abnormality and I would advise not to let this go on any longer.Please call your doctor for an appointment to have this lump evaluated and if it's indeed a simple cyst,then no treatment will be required unless it enlarges too much or becomes painful.
Best wishes...
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Thanks :) I dont know im still a bit worried but im going to go to the doctor next month.I hope that its just a cyst and nothing more..
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