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Lump in R armpit painful

I have had a lump in the right armpit for about 6 months. There is swelling , that goes up and down, but marginally. There is no redness and I have been taking 3 lots of antibiotics which has not done anything. I was refered to another gyn and has decieded that I need a scan, as he is not sure. On the scan sheet he placed Lympholma ? . What does that mean.

Also my right breast has a very large flat area of which I do not have on he left side.

I do not want to worry but can anyone help me understand what I might potentially be dealing with here.

Kindest regards to anyone who can help

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I think rather than a GYN you should be seeing a Breast Specialist about these problems. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for several reasons; one of which is an infection somewhere in the body. I'm not sure what type of scan you are to have but since there is an issue with your breast also I think a mammogram and possibly an ultrasound might be appropriate to help discover the cause of your problems. These two issues wouldn't normally be something that a Gynecologist would treat. Lymphoma by definition is the growth of new tissue in the lymphatic system. Please see a Dr. who specializes in breast conditions as I feel your symptoms need more specific investigation than you seem to be getting at the present time.   Regards ...
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To japdip,

Thank you for your response. The person I saw at clinic was in the plastic surgery dept outpatients and stated that I needed a scan before he could decide on what the problem was. He did not exam the breast at all. I still have not recieved any info on scan date , how long should I wait for an appointment, its 4 days now.

Kindest regards

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I'm curious as to what type of scan they are talking about. I would think an Ultrasound or possibly a Mammogram would be the more appropriate tests. You might request this from one of the Dr.s at the clinic. It's hard to say how long it might take to schedule a test ... depends on the institution and how busy they are and also what type of scan is being scheduled. I'm hoping the Dr. meant an Ultrasound. If you have occasion to call the Clinic you might ask exactly what type of test they are ordering. Sometimes it may even take a couple weeks to get a test scheduled
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