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Lump in Right Arm Pit

I just found a lump in my right arm pit. Reading about theese it seems like it could be a swoolen glad or something, but what concerns me is mine sounds a bit diffrent then the others I have been reading about. I have no pain. Very minor discomfort when it is pressed on, but barely. Also it is big, really big. I noticed it streching this morning, for some reason I rubbed it with my left hand when my right was raised and there it was. I would say it is about the size of the palm of my hand. Maybe a bit smaller. When I raise my arm it seems to take up my whole arm pit and I don't have the normall dip you have there. Whem I lower my arm, you can still feel it, but it rejacts into the arm pit a bit more and is not nearly as noticable. So it is bigger then others I have read about, but I don't have ANY pain. Now I am just getting threw with my monthly and I also just started a wieght watchers diet a little over a week ago, I have lost five pounds but I still weigh 225lbs, and I have been feeling some of the effects of the wieght I have gainned. Could this be realated to the diet. I have been exercising but just walk and jack knifes on an abb lounger, no weights or anything to hard (I am wanting to loose a few pounds before I start thoose.). I plan on drinking lots of water and monitoring it over the weekend and if it is still there and not any smaller on Monday I will go to the doctor, but some comfort in what this could be would help me feel better.I am a 27 year old mother of four and cancer has been hitting my family strong lately, should I be concered?
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Dear zee_tiger,   Without benefit of physical exam, being able to ask questions etc. it is difficult to comment.  It is possible this is a lymph node that you are feeling however it is best to have this checked out by your doctor.
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I have posted a similar question today about a swollen armpit.  I was wondering how yours is doing or if you have seen a doctor about it yet.  Thanks!!
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