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Lump in armpit for above 2 mths

I am a 23years old girl, who recently discovered a half an inch (approx)ovalshaped lump in almost the middle of my armpit.I had a blood testand a breast x-ray, which were both clear & nothing has been found. It's been over 2 months now (asi was traveling then when i found it so couldn't go to get it checked immediately). It has stayed the same size. I do have a very sensitive skin...i have keloid problem, psoriases problem (dry skin in the scalp area), have had absces earlier and so forth. The reason i couldn't get biopsy done was due to my keloid problem. Can you plz guide me what it could be and what can i do as further examination.It does not pain..i don't even feel it until i touch it.It's not benign..as far as i think. I'm really scared regardingBreast Cancer and would be glad if i could get any suggestions here?!
One more question is that it could be my imagination buti feel it has moveda bit lower to where it wasearlier..as i mentioned could be my fault in judging, but would like to know due things like these travel?
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Dear df:  This lump could be a variety of things, from an ingrown hair or abcess.  It is unlikely, at your age, that this is breast cancer.  Your doctor, after examining you and reviewing your history, may be able to diagnose the problem.  However, the only way to know for sure is to biopsy.  Since the lump can be felt, it may be possible to do a needle biopsy.  In some cases, though, it may be easier to remove the lump entirely.
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