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Lump in armpit for almost 5 years

When i had my first baby 2003 July and started breastfeeding her after a few months i noticed a lump in my right armpit and left armpit was a little swallon after noticing i went to the doctor and she told it could be just fatty lump and try to lose some weight recently last 5/6 months i noticed the lump is getting bigger and bit painful as well(not very) and bit uncomfortable the left armpit lump is bit bigger than before as well I am 18 weeks pregnant and scared to death if it is a breast cancer I have been reffered to a specialist and will be seeing him in 2 weeks time.
I am very much concerened about my baby and my wellbeing as I lost my father this year of lungs cancer ..........
Please give me some advise could it be cancer .........

Kind Regards
Mrs Mitra
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