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Lump in armpit

Hi, Can someone help me please.  The other day I found a small lump under my right armpit.  It is the size of a pea or smaller, feels smooth and moves around (sort of springs back and forth). Went to see Dr who said it was nothing that jumped out at her, but to come back in a couple of weeks to check again (I do have me period currently).  I have kept feeling it and its still there and freaking me out quite a bit.  Could someone tell me what it might be.  It hasnt grown in size, but is still there. I am freaking out a bit and would appreciate any information at all.  If it was something bad, would it be growing?  It is not visible at all - I can only feel it deep inside.   Thanks.
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Hi, Since your doctor wasn't very concerned about this small lump she must have concluded that it's probably a cyst or fibroadenoma.These lumps are quite common and tend to be more prominent just before and during the menstrual cycle.They become less lumpy when the periods are over.That is why your doctor wants to see you in a couple of weeks to see if there are any changes.Try not to worry, because if she felt that something was of real concern,she would have ordered a mammogram or ultrasound test.Also,if you feel that you are not satisfied and need more information about this lump,you can always seek a second opinion from another doctor so you can put your mind at ease.Best wishes.
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I just wanted to add one more thing.A lump in the armpit could also be a swollen lymph node that appears because on an infection somewhere in the body and you are not to be too concerned about it.Make sure to keep your appointment with your doctor though..Take care.
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I have something that feels exactly the same way. I've been freaking out for about a week and 1/2. It's smaller that a pea, soft and movable, round to oval in shape, kinda rubbery and non-painful. Although as much as I've been rubbing onit, it's a little sore! What about a limpoma? I've read about that too. I should go get it checked, but I have been worrying myself sick up until a day or two ago. The first thing I thought was a lymph node, although if it is a LN, that size wouldn't be considered swollen. It feels just like the lymph nodes in my groin.
Good luck with yours too, it will all be fine:)
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