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Lump in breast

I'm 17 this year and I found out that there is a lump on my left nipple 12 months ago. At first it has no pain but after 3 months, I have started to feel pain and after that slight numbness has came to my left hand. I had seen many doctors and they said that it is a gynaecomastia. However, 3 weeks ago, my bone(rib cage) around there started to feel a little pain(which was not very serious) sometimes. Am just a bit concerned is there a possibility of it is a breast cancer (which is rare in man)?

Another small question is does anxiety disorder has a possibilty that will make me feel like urinating often and abnormal digestion of the stomach?
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What you have is not breast cancer,but a benign condition called Gynecomastia,like your doctor said.This is caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone,which promotes tissue growth in one or both breasts.
Generally, gynecomastia isn't a serious problem,mostly it's due to hormones,but it could also happen if men are using illicit drugs ,like steroids, marijuana, alcohol etc...
Gynecomastia can sometimes go away on it's own after many months or a  year or two,but if it persists it can be corrected with surgery.
I am sure your doctor will be able to inform you and give you the best possible advice.
I think you should also consult your health care provider, concerning your other health problems which may not even be related at all to Gynecomastia condition.
Take care.
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Thanks for your information but I would like to confirm is there any pain for gynaecomastia?
Other than that, as for the problem of frequent urination, I had done the  urinalysis test thrice but all the results came out negative. Does anyone has any idea of what I'm going through?
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You are welcome Jeremy,
To answer your question,yes pain may be present around the areola.
As for your other health problems,it would be a good idea to consult a Urologist.This Forum deals only with breast cancer issue and I am sorry if I cannot be of much help.
However, we have a "Teen health Forum" and I think you might find it helpful if you posted there.
Please click on the link below.
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Thank you sooo much :)
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where i could find breast cryoablation {fibroadenoma } operation in pune?
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Since you live in India,try searching over the Internet to find a large Institution specializing in Breast cancer in Pune.I am sure they will let you know if they do Cryoablation or refer to a Breast Center specializing in this procedure.
Good luck.
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