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Lump in breast

I will be 22 in 3 weeks and I recently found a lump in my left breast  above my nipple, I called my doctor and had an appointment 2 days later, he sent me to have an ultrasound done, it came back and he said my "lump" is 3.8 centimeters an something about " echo" and " float", and that there is no liquid inside my lump, my app was June 26, my doc said to keep eye on it and if it he's bigger to call him for another app before my 6 week breast check up. My lump has indeed gotten bigger ,harder and more tender. I'm so confused as to what is actually in my breast and even though its not time should I make an app?! Help!
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If you are terribly concerned and/or the lump is causing you considerable discomfort you could make an appointment now rather than wait the 6 weeks. There should have been some indication as to what the Radiologist thought this lump might represent but if not I would think it could likely be a Fibroadenoma. These benign breast tumors are quite common and even occur in young women in their teen years. They can grow rather rapidly at times and are sometimes associated with the hormone levels in the body, much like cysts. I'm sure if the Radiologist thought this lump were suspicious for malignancy there would have been additional orders for further testing including a biopsy. If you aren't comfortable with the wait then by all means make an appointment.   Regards ....
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Okay thank you!
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