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Lump in breast

Hello, Im 14 years old ( Male ) and i can feel a small lump in my breast.
My left Breast is Bigger than my right nipple .
I noticed this about 4 months ago but havent yet seen a doctor, im getting worried about it because i know what it could Possibly be...

Can you please help me and point me in the right direction.
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"My left Breast is Bigger than my right nipple"
i meant my right breast not nipple
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I think you should see a Dr. about this ... I do not think that it is related to breast cancer however. In males in your age group frequently have these lumps and it's usually related to the hormonal changes in the body. From you own Dr. you can get a good explanation of what's going on concerning these changes. One more thing; don't ever be too afraid to have something ck.d out by a Dr. just because you think it might be serious.  Take care and see you Dr., OK ??
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when i was about 15 i noticed the same thing you mentioned. i still have the lump and its been almost 5 years and i have seen my doctor about it multiple times. if you see a doctor he will most likely say its normal in kids your age and it will go away in a year or so. but ive had it for longer then that so if you are serious about it you may want to mentione getting it surgically removed.
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