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Lump in left breast (male)

My husband has a lump in his left breast tip(nipple area). There's pain when pressed too.. It's been a month now.. The lump is not growing but remains in the same size. what is the real reason? Is it serious?
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Malignancy in the male breast is relatively rare compared to gynecomastia that presents with breast enlargement or a painful lump under the areola. Keep in mind that typically a cancerous lump would be painless.
What your husband has,could also be a cyst,an abscess caused by infection or hormone related.Since this lump is causing pain,tell your husband not to ignore it and seek medical attention to determine if medication or some type of testing is needed. Also if he is taking any medication,(including supplements) make sure he mentions it to his doctor.
Best wishes to both of you..
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Thankyou so much for the reply. Will take care and look forward about it... hanks once again,...
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