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Lump in right breast

I am 35 years old with no family history of breast cancer.  I noticed a raised area on my breast upon looking in the mirror about 6 moths ago.  Upon a self-breast exam I felt a hard lump on my right breast.  Since I don't have breast cancer in my family I have just been keeping my eye on it.  The lump is hard, and does not change in size with my menstral cycles and is painless.  3 weeks ago, I noticed yellow discharge from my nipple on my right breast.  I finally went into the doctor and a mammogram was ordered.  I did not hear mammogram results and the radiologist (MD) did an immediate US on me and said that she could see a solid mass in my right breast and that it needed to be biopsied.  She then did a core biopsy and now I am playing the waiting game.  My question is, is this just routine or is there something suspicious about these procedings.  I have not received any clarifying information and I am a little worried.
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Dear jenninext:  If the mass was biopsied, that suggests that something looked suspicious enough on mammogram or ultrasound to warrant further investigation.  You may want to call the doctor and ask for clarification in terms of when you will receive results etc.
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