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Lump in right side of chest - Picture Included (MALE!)

Hey guys,
A little worried because I have recently found a lump in my chest. I do box semi-professionally and obviously use my chest muscles quite a lot for punching, pressups, weights, etc.
However this lump feels quite hard, I know the picture is hard to see because of the flash, but the lump is about 4cm long and 1cm wide, kind of like a quarter of a pencil size. It's not 'hard' but it is also not soft, it is kind of like a solid rubber feeling.
I am going to doctors but am not home for 12 days, so was hoping someone could offer advice as to if this could be serious (I know the 100% worst case senario would be cancer) or just muscle related.
I don't mean the horizontal bump across the top of my chest, I know what that is. I mean the verticle one on the right side... I realise it is hard to see in that pic
Thanks guys...
Link to picture : http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9045/chestlump.gif
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From the size you describe this sounds more like something muscle related than an actual breast lump. You say you are going to see a Dr. in a few days and this would be my best advice. Breast lumps usually present as round or oval findings and not that large but you should have it checked out by your Dr. as soon as you can. It's impossible to speculate over the internet without benefit of examination but I don't see any relation to cancer.     Regards ....
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Just been doctors and I got the 'Wait and see' treatment. I saw his notes and he wrote:

12mm by 2-3mm mass in pectoral major

Gotta go back in 4 weeks if nothing changes =/
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That sounds like something that is going to be related to the muscle .... hopefully something that has resulted from your training.  Thanks for the update ....  Take care and maybe slack off a bit ???
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No real change, hasn't gotten bigger or smaller... Went and saw another doctor and he said he didn't really know what it was... :(

I was thinking it was swollen lymph nodes but the doctor said he didn' think so, however I thought it was a bit sad that he let me go not knowing what it was... has been 6 weeks now :(
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I can understand why you would be a bit unhappy. You don't mention what type of Dr.s you have seen (? specialists ?). Perhaps an Orthopaedic Specialist OR a Dr. who specializes in Sports Medicine might be better able to shed some light on the subject. I would try that first and if no results then push for some type of imaging (MRI, CT Scan, etc.) if you can. I do believe if it were something other than muscle related the Dr.s would have known it rather than all the "I don't know,s". As long as you are concerned don't give up though. Everything in Medicine is not simple and easy to recognize. Keep in touch.....
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