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Lump in the breast of a 12 year old?Please help

my daughter is 12 and 5 days ago we found a lump in her right breast rite behind her nipple.
She said she noticed it right after exercising.
Her period was about a week ago.
It is a little tender and hurts to her.
I dont know if she may have gotten hit in her right breast or somthing.
Well i had breast cancer like a 3years ago so i am a breast cancer survivor.
But Please help i am terrifeied
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Being that your daughter is 12, is she fully developed yet?   Is the lump on just one side or two?   I remember when my daughter was about 11 or 12, we too felt a lump just underneath her nipple on one side.  She said it was tender and painful.  It turned out to be her breast "bud", the beginnings of getting breast tissue!   Within a week, her other side began with the same thing.   I think it sounds like your daughter is beginning to develop.  Check with her pediatrician though just to put your mind at ease. Her doctor can give her a world of information on what to expect during puberty.  Good luck and thanks for being an observant, concerned mom!!
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