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Lump on breast

I have lump on the side of my left breast, I went to the doctors and she told me it was an infection under my skin and that it will go away in about two weeks, it started to go away and then all of a sudden it came back bigger and this time it hurt so bad it felt like it was on fire I couldn't even touch it, that area is warm and sore to the touch what could this be? Please help
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I forgot to mention I cant see it but I can sure feel it
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This could be an infected cyst,or maybe an abscess that can occur on the breast like on any other part on the body.These kind of infected lumps are usually treated with antibiotics.But if it keeps coming back,surgical removal of the infected area may be necessary.
I don't think you should be worrying too much,because it doesn't sound at all like a breast cancer symptom,but you should see your doctor ASAP so that this painful lump can be adequately treated.
Best wishes...
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Thanks so much
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