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Lump on breast

I found a little lump on my breast this morning and it's roundish and it can be moved a little (not really moved around the breast but when I press it, it moves sideways a bit). What could it be? Do I need have a checkup with a doctor? I'm 21 y/o.
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Does the lump increase or decrease in size? Is it painful or tender? is it related in any way to your menstrual cycle?

Has a mammogram, ultrasound and MRI been done?

Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like skin changes, breast lump, nipple discharge , etc

You should see a breast specialist or doctor for your symptoms. Till then you could try some warm compresses, breast massage and oral pain relief medications.

Let us know about what your doctor or breast specialist advises.

Let us know if you have any other doubts and also about how you are doing.

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