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Lump on outer breast

I have a lump on the outer of my left breast. I went to the doc about a month ago and she did a breast exam on me. She said she thinks its something like a bole, but the weird thing to me is that it does'nt even have a head to bust if it needed to. She recommend that i put a hot water bottle on it, and said that if it didn't rupsher than they will cut it out OUCH!!! But a month has passed and its still here, and by the way its hurts on and off. I have to be honest i have'nt been putting a water bottle on it but still, if its a bole why does'nt it still have a head? I NEED HELP, im so confused!!!
Can someone please answer my question??
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Dear chelle20,  Over the internet without ability to evaluate it is difficult to advise.  As it has not resolved you may want to check back with your doctor to have it further evaluated.  

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