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Lump on rib

I have a hard lump on my left rib about 4 inches above my left breast that I noticed several months ago. It feels as hard as bone and pretty much has the same contour as a rib but feels a lot different from the right side as it protrudes more. It starts pretty much on my sternum then extends to the left about 2 inches, then the area is flat again. It feels like it might be wider than a normal rib too. I can't move it around. I know the description is sort of vague, so thank you! I would just like an idea as to what this could be.
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Dear JRC448, Without further evaluation including physical examination it is impossible to say what this is.  You should bring this to the attention of your doctor who can check it and determine what if any further evaluation is recommended.
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I forgot to add that I'm a 24 yr old female
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I would certainly get it checked by a breast specialist. Any lump should always be investigated. Please see someone soon.
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Did you ever get a diagnos for your lump on your rib. I have a very similar situation.
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Please let me know.
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