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Lump on side of left armpit?

Hi I hope it's alright to ask a ? here?
I have a lump on the side of my left armpit.
It is painful and my left breast is also in pain.
The breast has had sharp pains go through it 2 time with in a week
which leaves my breast very sore.
I went to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics for 7 days.
Will i have taken all the antibiotics but they didn't help.
I have a mammogram appointment next week.
I called the office yesterday and told them the antibiotics didn't
help. They said to wait and and see if the mammogram shows
anything. My left breast really hurts.
Can anyone tell me if there is anything to help with my pain?
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It seems promising that the mammo came back normal. Hey miracles do happen, but God does not want us to be non-cautious and he does want us to be thorough. If you can get another mamma soon or even an ultrasound to double check, it may be a good idea, as mammos can come back normal especially if they have nothing to compare it with. Was this your first mammo ever? Sometimes they can do a compression mammo and they are suppose to be more definative. At any rate, if nothing is detected, that is great news and I am so happy for you. I would just recommend follow-up as soon as they recommend or sooner if possible. Is your pain gone?
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Had mammogram and it shows nothing there.
They could now even see the lump the Doc said was 1.5 cm.
I don't know what to thank now.
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Hello: I am glad you are having a mammaogram done. Beside pain pills, which I do not like to take myself, I have had a great deal of releif from pain by using ice and or heat. Of course I had just had surgery to remove a cancerous lump and some lymph nodes. but hey, pain is pain and can respond to various techniques. Basic first aide says, after an injury or inflammation Ice, Rest and Compression should be done. Also, try rolling up a dish towel and then placing it longways in your arm pit and gently squeeze your arm towards your body. The compression or pressure of the towel should help. I really got a lot of relief from the towel, because when I would remove it, the pain would get worse or come back all together. I hated having to take pain pills, which then prevented me from driving or staying awake. . You can place the towel on the outside of your clothes of course and I would take it with me every where and use as needed. It is very convient and seemed to work for me. Give it a try. You can also place a folded wash cloth in you bra to do the same thing for that area. The whole idea is the compression factor. Ice of course numbs and heat will increase the blood flow to help heal quicker.
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