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Lump on surface of breast skin

I have been reading the posts here for clues to what I may have but feel I am now more confused than ever.  What is a breast papilloma?  I have a lump on my left breast about an inch above my aereola.  The surface of it is visible as it is kind of shiny.  It started out small and is very slowly getting larger and more noticeable.  It is beginning to look like I am getting more of the small ones on the same breast.  It looks like there may be a black spot in the middle of it and for a while it looked kind of like a pimple, but the spot is only under the surface and there is no head.  No fluid ever comes out of it, but there is a little pain when I push on it.  It has been there for about a year and a half or so.  I am beginning to worry about it a little, although I believe that if it were anything serious, the appearance of it would be changing quicker.  Should I show it to my doctor?  My MD has done manual breast exams on me regularly and should have seen it, but has never mentioned it.  The only thing he has ever told me is that my breasts are very dense and wants me to have a sonogram.  I know this is very vague and isn't possible to diagnose, but I can't seem to find anyone who has had anything similar and that bothers me.
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Breast papillomas are benign breast growths that usually presents with bleeding or similar appearance of discharge from the nipples.  In your situation, other possible causes would include abscess formation (bacterial infection) underneath the nipple area, or other benign conditions such as fibroadenoma or fibrocystic changes.  This can also be a clogged breast duct.  It is really difficult to find the very exact symptoms from forums and support groups since each person has unique symptoms and characteristics.  The ultrasound that your doctor is suggesting may be a good idea since this can give us the clue on the nature of your breast lesions.

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I am 21 years old and I have the same thing. I'm going on Monday for a mammogram and then to see a surgeon on Thursday. When I go in to see the surgeon, what will they do?
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First I would like to request that in the future you post a question of your own rather than adding it to one that was previously posted. We don't often re-read these older posts as they appear as comments rather than new questions. Now as to your quesiton: when you see the Surgeon he/she will review your films and examine the lump and then advise as to what, if anything should be done next. This will all depend on the results of the mammogram and the opinion of the Surgeon.  Best of Luck .......
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